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Despite being among the most frequently used email programs, MS Outlook frequently faces unanticipated bugs and mistakes. Among the most common mistakes is"can't start Microsoft Outlook". This error can be resolved by repairing problems inside the PST file.

We recently stumbled upon a surprising spike in consumer questions on technical discussion coverage which they confronted the"can't start Microsoft Outlook" mistake more than once. This led us to some fact-finding mission in which we researched the reasons for this mistake and its effective solutions. cannot open the outlook window The outcomes of these investigations are clarified within this post.

The cheque and also its own Triggers

When attempting to start MS Outlook by double-clicking on its icon, even if You Get an error that states, "can't start Microsoft Outlook" or even"can't open the Outlook window", then this Is the Reason Why it may be occurring:

• A corrupt XML document from the Navigation Settings folder may be putting this off mistake. The simplest way to discover this is to inspect the magnitude of this XML file. When its dimensions are 0kb, it usually means it has been compromised.

• if you're running Microsoft Outlook in support mode, you can find opportunities for Outlook not beginning.

• Microsoft Outlook can deny beginning even once you use an older profile in an old Outlook variant.

• Frequently we uninstall software and then reinstall them onto the device. When uninstall and reinstall processes aren't performed correctly, they may cause Outlook not to begin.

• When any Outlook file (the configurations file for this matter) becomes depleted or damaged, it's going to corrupt the whole program and make it open.

How can you eliminate a mistake that offers you such restricted info with no clue regarding its settlement? Keep reading to discover.

Easy Ways to mend"Don't Start MS Outlook" mistake

To assist you fix this mistake, we've put together a listing of processes. Perform one of these procedures to recoup your MS Outlook program.

Among the chief motives of not having the ability to start MS Outlook is corruption from the Navigation Pane configurations document. Recover this document by doing the following process:

1. Pick the file and start the Outlook program.

If this will not recover the document, then delete the document :

1. The program lists all of the configuration files from Microsoft Outlook.
2. In the Search area, select the name of this Outlook XML file.
3. Right-click that the XML document and Choose Delete.

Notice: Just as a very first step constantly attempt to recoup the XML file. Only if you're not able to recover it, then do the delete process.

Recreate a fresh profile
Recreating a new Outlook profile and minding all of your old data into it frequently removes problems within Outlook, which means that you may try this following. To recreate a brand fresh profile:

1. To add a profile in the Mail window, then click Data Documents > Add.
2. Establish your newly generated profile because of the profile.
3. Launch Outlook. Outlook must open the profile.
5. To export the old information to the new profile, then start the Outlook window.
6. Pick the previous info file and click Next.
7. Once the procedure completes the export process, click End.

Switch off Compatibility manner in Outlook
From time to time, when Outlook is running in mode, it may face difficulties in launching.

1. At the beginning area, kind exe.
2. Pick the Outlook.exe file and then click on the document.
3. Under the Properties tab, then pick Compatibility.
4. Clear the Apparent that compatibility mode checkbox.
5. Click on OK.
6. Restart the Outlook program.
7. In the event the compatibility mode remains on, then search for your PST file.
8. Select Restore prior variants.

If everything else fails, then consider launching Microsoft Outlook from the Safe way to solve the"MS Outlook can't Start" malfunction. Listed below are the steps to perform this:

1. At the beginning area, kind Outlook /protected.
2. After the system prompts you to understand in the event that you really wish to start Microsoft Outlook from the secure mode, click Yes.

As soon as the Outlook data file (PST) is damaged or corrupted, frequently resulting in improper uninstall of a preceding version it prevents Outlook from launching. To fix a broken Outlook data file, then do the following process:

1. In the Search area, form exe and find the SCANPST.EXE file.
2. Double-click that the SCANPST.EXE document and navigate to the location of this PST file.
3. To start the scanning, click on Start. If there are mistakes in the PST file, then the machine will show the next message from the Microsoft Outlook Inbox Repair Tool dialogue box:

Errors were discovered within this file. To fix these mistakes, click Repair.

4. Click Repair. After the fix is done, start your Outlook program together with all the PST files.

Though the Inbox Repair Utility (ScanPST.exe) is an effective instrument to discover and fix PST document issues, it neglects to fix severe corruption. In these scenarios, a fantastic alternative to its dependable third-party PST repair applications, Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair. This capable tool allows you to scan a corrupted PST file and fix it to regain all contents like e-mails, contacts, attachments, contacts, tasks, journals, and notes. The fixed email things are stored as a fresh usable PST that may be instantly imported into MS Outlook.

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